Mimseylou signing off

I've concluded that this will be my last diaryland entry....why? Because diaryland sucks the big fat motherfucking turds that are at the bottom of the sewer they are digging up in front of my apartment building. Seriously, zero customer service. Today I went to check on the many "tech requests" I've put in over the last year and not a single question has been answered. The only time I've ever had any response was when I basically had to stalk this Andrew bitch and got his phone number and called his sorry ass. Why on earth would I continue to spend money on such a worthless piece of crap when I can go to so many other places to host my lil crappy diary. You can find my new diary at Blogspot....yeah I might as well just turn my "diet" diary into a full-blown life story. Right? Right. So if you're lookin for mimseylou, all you need to do is get some chubby partridge in your life

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